Another set of twin arrival!!! Congratulations to Mrs. Leanghy and the family. We are overwhelming how adorable the babies are and more than happy to see you have a complete family from now!


A big sister and newborn sister! She tells us how happy she is to see her little sister. Congratulations to the family of Mrs. Sokunthea!


Our team visited a new born baby from Mrs. Chen Holysela, who has come to FCC for infertility treatment and now realize the dream of being a mother!

A warmest welcome from family of Mrs. Monyroth, who has successfully deliver a healthy baby. Look's how happy both of grandmother are!  A blessing baby brings family happiness!


It is our pleasure to visit our successful patients. The two sisters, Mrs. Vannita and Mrs. Miliya, received the fertility treatment services from FCC. Both delivered healthy and beautiful babies. It's a blessing moment for the family to deliver on the same day. May we wish both moms and babies good health!


Congratulations Mrs. Sok Eng on delivering a beautiful baby!


We are happy to see our smiling patient bringing her baby to see her treating physician. Congratulations, Khemary and the family! 

The family of Mrs. Many and Mr. Cheav brought their baby to visit Dr. Sean Sokteang, renown fertility specialist. 



Mr. and Mrs. Bruff returned with their lovely baby. Their broad smile reveals how happy they are to be parents. 

Having a set of twins makes a small family become big. Congratulations, Mrs. Sopheak and Mr. Sovannarith!



We are happy to see Mrs. Vuth Sophea and Mr. Ponn Seangkry visiting us with a healthy baby boy. 

Congratulations to Mrs. Oup Sovannara and Mr. Leng Tyny for having an adorable daughter. 


First Cambodian In-Vitro fertilization baby was born 8th June 2015

Wife: Beng Chanry, 32 year-old and Husband: Ngok Meth, 45 year-old

We were hopeless and stressed after 5 years of unsuccessful pregnancy. We went to Vietnam for treatment, but still failed to conceive. Then as soon as we were told that specialised treatment and consultation of infertility is available at FCC, we decided to have our treatment. We trust their professionalism and medical ethics and follow the procedures suggested by Dr. Sean. Due to the absence of one of my fallopian tubes and my husband's low sperm count, we underwent an assisted procedure as a result, we got pregnant. We are parents-to-be of a 3-month old unborn girl now (22nd Dec, 2014). I realise my dream now. I encourage those who face infertility problems to seek specialised consultation and treatment and never quit. We are happy to have the fertility treatment in Cambodia.



Second Cambodian baby was born, too. It's a bless for the whole family. 


Testimonial from Russell and Sarah

Following several years of unsuccessful fertiity treatment in the UK, we greatly appreciated the straightforward yet caring approach of Dr Sean and her team. It was reassuring to be kept well informed of progress and next steps throughout our treatment. 

We feel very fortunate that our first In-Vitro Fertilization cycle at the clinic was successful. Our twins were born in August 2015 and we couldn't be happier to be a family of four. Thank you again for everything!


Dearest Dr. Sean,

Today our beautiful daughter is 3 months old!

She is very healthy and we wanted to say thank you very much for helping make our dreams come true, we are very grateful. Love, Kate and David Oates


End up Becoming Parents through Intra-Uterus Insemination after 13 years (Wife: Vanna    Husband: Chhay Phannang)

Overwhelmingly stressed and depressed since my early marriage. Anxiety to have a baby cannot be described in words. It a bless to have a girl of my own now. I find the doctor professional and highly experienced. I would not have such a fulfilling family without the help of the doctor at FCC. I trust that it's not only me but hundreds of married infertile couples have realised their dream ending up becoming parents. I hope FCC will save more and more families in  Cambodia. I am glad that fertility treatment is available in Cambodia.


_Mrs. Eam Sokun and Mr. Soeung Theang Pheak has married since 2002 and has never conceived since then. After treatment at FCC, the married couple successfully conceived a baby boy in 2015. Congratulations to the couple after 14 year of waiting, they realize the parenthood. 

-Mrs. Song Kunthea and Mr. Sok San has married since 2007. She has tried to conceive for 8 years but they were unsuccessful. They came to get the service from FCC in 2015 and they successfully delivered twins (boy/girl) in 2016. Congratulations to their family. 

_Mrs. Lim Kimhouy and Mr. Tuon Sareth

_They have been married since 2004. They have waited for 12 years to become a parents. Finally they have her twin in 2016 following the help from FCC. 

_Mrs. Ly Moniroath and Mr. Alex has tried to conceive since 2013.

_After consult with Doctor from FCC, she successfully delivered a healthy and lovely baby girl in 2017. 


_Mrs. Lor Lina and Mr. Heng Seth has married in 2006.

_Their twin girls delivered in 2016.

_Congratulations to the couple for becoming a parents after waiting for 10 years. 

Common expressions from testimonials. Note that there are too many testimonials, so the management chooses to post a few of them with their consents. Patients history are kept strictly confidential.

It could hardly be described in words. Longing to have a baby dream comes true. Thank doctors and FCC for helping us overcome this enormous difficulty. I hope that infertile couples will not lose hope and confidence or even give up. Fortunately, that efficient fertility treatment is available in Cambodia now.