Fertility Clinic of Cambodia

A New High Technology Fertility Center That Is World Class

Families in Cambodia seeking a child now have a Cambodian resource for making their dreams come true. FCC exceeds the highest medical and environmental standards and will bring the newest assisted reproduction methods to Cambodia. The environment in which your baby will develop has been designed, built and tested to be hyper-clean for particulates and chemical contaminants. This is essential for a modern, highly productive facility. It is one of the ways we make your dream a reality. You may ask why this technology and experienced medical care is needed.

Children evolved to be nurtured by their mother’ body. Mother is the gold standard. In our laboratory we can replace the material supports to embryo development such as nutrition and oxygen and provide  protection from bacteria and viruses. At this time most labs cannot safely breakdown chemical contaminants.  Therefore, we have designed an environment where these potentially toxic contaminants are reduced to the lowest level possible. How did FCC accomplish this? First, it used the best culture techniques on state of the art technology equipment: new automated inference microscope and micromanipulation equipment and the newest micro incubators, PLUS a modern environmental system. Second, the lab equipment is complimented by a modern system of air purification. The air is cooled to a comfortable range and humidity. The center will remove particulates down to 0.3 microns; this is 300 times smaller than the diameter of a human hair. FCC has also installed a large, modern chemical filter, which will remove materials as small as 0.0001 microns. This is the molecular size of common air pollutants and contaminants.  This chemical filter will not be found in any lab facility in Southeast Asia. It is a unique advantage in making your family dream become true. It allows us to remove the pollutants that maternal systems would.

The system was conceptually designed by Alpha Environmental, Inc. the world leader in designing, inspecting, testing and troubleshooting modern assisted reproductive technology laboratories. This is their sole service, setting up the best, most highly productive ART facilities. The design of this lab was reviewed and directed by Ms. Antonia Gilligan and her company. Ms. Gilligan has been working in this field for over 17 years. She has over 40 years of experience as an analytical chemist and environmental technology. She has worked in the environmental field for large automotive plants and was a lab director for a large New York City based consulting firm. The first time she saw an ART lab she immediately knew that this would be her life’s work. She has worked with the following world class ART organizations: Cleveland Clinic Foundation, University of Chicago, Yale University, Columbia University, Reprogenetics, Stanford University, Colorado Center of Reproductive Medicine, Huston IVF, Dallas IVF, Albert Einstein Medical in Westchester, and over 60 other practices for a wide variety of investigations, lab design and testing. Alpha’s work covers the world from London CRM, Gravida in Barcelona, Spain, Istanbul, Turkey, Kito, Equator, Guatemala, Calgary, Montreal and Toronto all in Canada, and Freiberg, Germany.

Ms. Gilligan, the founder of Alpha Environmental, Inc. raised three children and now has three wonderful grandchildren. She knows just how important a family is. FCC has the same emphasis: to help legal married spouses have your dream come true and know the joy of holding your child after years of trying.