At FCC, we provide state of the art infertility, gynecology and obstetrics treatment and care in a compassionate, patient-focused environment.

Our extensive array of services are designed to meet the unique needs of every patient.

  1. We are dedicated to a whole patient approach. We recognize that fertility treatment may impact all corners of our patient’s lives, including work, personal relationships and financial concerns. When designing their treatment course, our physicians, nurses and counselors work with them to accommodate all of these considerations.
  2. Our support is integrated. Emotional health and well being are central to our patient’s care. Our clinic’s services include an array of Mind/Body and stress reduction workshops, counseling and yoga. We will also gladly provide referrals to other qualified professionals if requires.
  3. Our office hours are flexible. Our physicians, nurses, counselors and laboratory staff accommodate early morning, evening and weekend appointments according to our patient’s treatment schedule and ‘off hour’ needs.
  4. We consider our patient’s financial standpoint. Our physicians understand that financial concerns may impact treatment decisions, and thus focus on methods that are tailored to each patient and that have solid history of success. Our financial team is likewise committed to helping patients to meet their treatment goals and budget.

This Treatment and Care section is a guide through the procedures that are offered at FCC so that one can gain a better understanding of how given fertility treatment options may work. For each treatment option, there will be a description of the various steps involved, information about medications, and links to further information, studies and research.