A woman’s reproductive system is complex and something can go wrong in a number of places.

  • Problems with ovulation: Advanced maternal age and diminished ovarian reserve can lead to infertility. It is difficult to get pregnant once a woman stops regularly releasing healthy, chromosomally balanced eggs every month. This can happen at a young age, when we find PCOS. Excessive stress and exercise can interfere with ovulation, too. About one third of patients will have ovulation disorders.
  • Structural problems: Pelvic inflammatory disease or scar tissue can block or damage fallopian tubes. We examine the uterus and fallopian tubes in house, looking for endometriosis, fibroid tumors and scar tissue. Anything that interferes with the transport of eggs can cause female infertility. Risk factors include an abnormally shaped uterus and previous STDs or infections.
  • Unexplained infertility: The most frustrating cause of infertility is the unexplained diagnosis. Our fertility clinic will proceed with a treatment plan that factors in multiple potential causes.